Geo based push notifications

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Hi, I would like to check if the Geo based push notification is working? I tried it but there are 2 problems. 1. The push notification message received is always empty (ie. message did not appear) 2. Users outside the selected geo location with a radius for push notification (geo fencing) still receives the push notification with empty message. Please help. Thanks.
asked Aug 10, 2016 in Corona by tianchoh (10 points)

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HI Tianchoh,


In case of Geo Based Push Notification all validation code for location is written on device side. Server send the silent push message to device. So in your case you need to write logic to validate the location of the user with the location coming in the message as If its lie in that you need to show that message.

You can attach logs in your application to track the incoming message, and can show accordingly after parsing the message.

Let me know if it helps.


Vishnu Garg
answered Aug 10, 2016 by Vishnu Garg (674 points)
How to do the tracking for geo push?
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