Can we convert IRoom 's Instance into ITurnBasedRoom's Instance?

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i want to convert IRoom in to ITurnBasedRoom Using TypeCasting but it shows me errror.I used following code for typecasting task

    public void onAdminRoomAdded(IRoom room)
        System.out.println("Admin Room Added : "+room.getId() + " Is TurnBased Room : " + room.isTurnBased());
        	ITurnBasedRoom turnRoom = (ITurnBasedRoom)room;
        	turnRoom.setAdaptor(new PokerTurnBasedRoom(izone, (ITurnBasedRoom)turnRoom));

It Shows Me Following Error : 

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException: com.shephertz.app42.server.domain.Room cannot be cast to com.shephertz.app42.server.idomain.ITurnBasedRoom


closed with the note: Closing this thread as there was no update from last 2 Weeks or more. Please raise a new query if problem persists.
asked Aug 16, 2016 in AppWarpS2 by bicubic.unity02 (22 points)
closed Nov 4, 2016 by shepAdmin
Could you please let me know the use-case of type-casting IRoom to ITurnBasedRoom?
It will help us to understand the requirement and will suggest you the better way to achieve.
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