Unable to obtain the value of the key-value pairs

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Hi Rajeev,
Thanks for your reply. I have tried with these value pair but still cannot extract the data during notification. Are you able to help? My code in main.lua is as follows:
local function onNotification( event )
    if event.type == "remoteRegistration" then
      Constants.DeviceToken = event.token
      _G.PushToken = event.token
    elseif event.type == "remote" then
      native.showAlert("Additional Data", event.custom.app42_message, {"OK"})
    elseif event.type == "local" then 
      native.showAlert( "Message", "Local Message to you" , {"OK"} )
Runtime:addEventListener( "notification", onNotification )
local launchArgs = ...
if ( launchArgs and launchArgs.notification ) then
    onNotification( launchArgs.notification )
Thanks & regards.


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asked Aug 17, 2016 in App42 Community Support by tianchoh (10 points)

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Hi Tianchoh,

I am forwarding this to my development team to get you code snippet for the same. I will update you with the code snippet as soon as possible.


answered Aug 19, 2016 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
Any update on the code snippet?
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