runtime error in AppWarp/LookupChannel.lua involving socket.tcp() PLEASE HELP!

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So I tested my keys and the chat room with the sample app chat.

Then I triend implementing the sample app chat into my game. I changed the storyboard to composer and the scene transitioning works fine, but when i try to connect to the chat room I get this error message.

"Attempt to index global 'socket' (a nil value)

File: AppWarp/LookupChannel.lua

Line: 11


AppWarp/LookupChannel.lua:11: in function 'socket_connect'

AppWarp/WarpClient.lua:427: in function 'Loop'

main.lua:69: in function <main.lua:68>

?: in function <?:169>"

asked Aug 28, 2016 in Corona by cxv13a (10 points)

1 Answer

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If you are not using the lates version of our SDK which 1.10.3 then please download the same from here and try. If you are still facing the same issue then could you please share your sample project at so that we can debug the issue at our end.


answered Aug 29, 2016 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
Thank you for the quick response Rajeev! I have just sent my sample code to the email address you provided.
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