Starting a game simultanously - One starts 1sec before the other

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So I coded that the game started once the other user send a comeback with the UTC time. So I coded that both games should start at UTC+3Seconds (currentTimeMillis()+3000). When I try it on desktop (I use libgdx) it works fine, but when I start it on different mobiles, one mobile is starting 1sec after the other one. Both are good devices etc and I dont understant the problem... One device is a OnePlus 3 and the other is a Nexus 5. Any advice? I am just confused because on desktop it works well.
asked Sep 8, 2016 in Android by Raul Mateo (15 points)

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Hi Raul,

You can try this:

Start Time = Comeback time in UTC + 3 sec - current time in UTC at the receiver end.

I hope it will help.


answered Sep 9, 2016 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
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