once Disconnect ,not able to Connect again until the RecoveryAllowance time is not completed

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once i disconnect from appwarp after that will not able to reconnect until the recoveryallowance time is not completed,once i disconnect from AppWarp through disconnect Api,i am not able to Connect with same user until the recoveryAllowance Time is not completed,and got the error code 1(authError).
asked Oct 18, 2016 in Work In Progress by sainih71 (15 points)
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RecoverConnection API is used to recover connection if disconnected through any interupt i.e. phone call, network problem.

Whenever you call disconnect API, it leads to the deletion of user session from server side even if you are using setRecoveryAllowanceTime API.

Please let me know if this is not the case.


answered Oct 18, 2016 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
i used setRecoveryAllowanceTime(120). and if i call disconnect i will get a message disconnected from onDisconnrctDone(),just after that i try to connect with same user .i will get AuthError
I have forwarded this query to my development team to look into this and will update you ASAP for the same.
i am also facing this problem.please update me if it has a solution
@Nilesh: Could you please let me know which SDK of AppWarp you are using?
i am using AppWarpS2-1.0.8  version
AppWarpS2Unity_2.0 on client side
my problem is that when i push application into background and then if i kill the application  from background before RecoveryAllowanceTime(15 sec) completed and  try to connect again before 15 sec elapsed, then it gives me error code 1(authError).
@Nilesh: In case of connection resiliency, if you are calling connect API within the time set for recovery allowance then you will get Auth_Error as the seesion for this user is already on server in paused state and you are trying to create new session. In other case, where you are calling recoverConnection API after recovery allowance time then also you will get Auth_Error as you are trying to recover a session which does not exit on the server.

If I understood the query correctly, you killed your app from background and trying to call connect API withing recoveryAllowanceTime(withing 15 sec) and hence it is the first case. You can only call connect API after 15 sec. in your case other wise you will get Auth_Error.
@ rajeev.etc: thank for your reply. you are absolutely correct that ,i can only call connect API after 15 sec. in my case other wise i will get Auth_Error.But  what will be the solution for the same, because user doesn't  know about recoveryAllowance time. he will try to login again so what will be the solution for this issue. here is my recoveryAllownce time is only 15 sec. But if i raise it to 60 sec than user can't wait for 1 min so how can we handle the situation. please support me asap
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