2nd time in onUserResumed and Paused i got id value is zero .why?

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Attempts to recover from an intermittent connection error. If successful, the client will be placed in the same room as before the loss and all its subscriptions will be maintained. The other subscribed users of the room, will receive onUserResumed notification. This can only be called if an established session was lost due to a connectivity error and the client got onConnectDone with a recoverable connection error code. The connection must be restored within the recovery allowance period, after which the server considers the session to be over (non-recoverable).


for first time in onUserPaused and onUserResumed i got "id" value correct ,but after got recover and then i face network problem again .in this case i got "id" value is 0 .why ,please reply as soon as possible .if after recovered (the loss and all its subscriptions will be maintained).

asked Nov 17, 2016 in Work In Progress by sainih71 (15 points)

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Apologies for late reply.

in both onUserPaused as well as unUserResumed

I have checked this scenario at my end and it is working fine. I tried it multiple times and evry time i got following:

 User Name = Challenger

 Location ID = 879789365

 isLobby = 0


in both the notifications onUserPaused as well as unUserResumed received second player end.


Could you please share the values of all three fields in your case?




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answered Nov 22, 2016 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
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