Losing additional data after editScoreValueByID( Bug)

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Not sure if this is a bug but when I initially savedUserScore I saved it with some additional user data via addJSONObject.

scoreBoard.addJSONObject('scoreData', {
                    userId : binder.scope.user.id,
                    drinkType : binder.scope.drinkType,
                    userDocId : binder.scope.user.documentId
   scoreBoard.saveUserScore('bartendergame', binder.scope.user.id, binder.scope.score, {
                    success : function(r) { scoreId = JSON(r).app42.response.games.game.scores.score._id.$oid .....

Then I updated the score via the editScoreValueById

scoreBoard.editScoreValueById(scoreId, newScore,....

but when trying to get the getTopNRankers I don't get the additional data sent anymore.


asked Nov 18, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by Kenny Arneaud (15 points)
edited Nov 18, 2014 by Kenny Arneaud

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Hello Kenny,

Can you please confirm if fetching getTopNRankers before editing the score is working fine? This looks strange and certainly not a bug. Some connecting dots might be missing in your code. Make sure that you have called setLoggedinUser before saving the score.

Himanshu Sharma

answered Nov 19, 2014 by hs00105 (2,005 points)
edited Nov 20, 2014 by hs00105
This really puts a halt on the project progress. Hope it gets resolved sooner
I have edited my answer please have a look.
Himanshu Sharma
I would double check the logic again. I would note however that I'm not using any "user" capabilities and saving the score using an internal username and editing the score via a the returned user id
Using user service is not record for this functionality and can be used separately. I hope you meant that "editing the score via a the returned SCORE id" not the USER ID as you stated.
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