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I am developing an application using App42 and AppWarp for Xamarin.iOS and it seems the SDK's do not support IPv6 and Apple is rejecting my application submission to the App Store. Can you please update the SDK's to support IPv6?

I have created another thread here but I don't seem to be getting any responses, this is a critical issue holding up the release of my application and I don't think I should have to update the SDK source code myself as was mentioned in the last response I received:

I would really appreciate it if someone from ShepHertz could fix this issue as soon as possible.


asked Dec 15, 2016 in Xamarin by feraask (45 points)

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Hi feraask,


I have forwarded your request to the production team and they working on it, we will resolve this in our next release which is scheduled for 31st dec. Once it will go live, will let you know.



Himanshu Sharma
answered Dec 16, 2016 by hs00105 (2,005 points)
edited Dec 17, 2016 by hs00105
Okay thank you very much I appreciate it!

Please let me know whenever the update is ready.

I just wanted to check in and get an update on the progress for this change. Is it still scheduled for a December 31st, 2016 release? This is for AppWarp and App42 for Xamarin correct?

Please let me know.
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