jsSHA is not defined

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Got the question title error when tring to execute a scopeboardService.saveUserScore(). There is no record of the error message anywhere or what it means
asked Nov 6, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by Kenny Arneaud (15 points)
Hello Kenny,

Can you please let me know which SDK/platform you are on? Also, what is the error message you are getting? Code snippet would be a great help here.
Himanshu Sharma
I'm using the Javascript SDK 2.8 with requrieJS

The debug error stack is

Uncaught ReferenceError:
jsSHA is not defined app42.all.min.js:1
post app42.all.min.js:1

The code I'm using is

var scoreBoard = new App42ScoreBoard();
                        console.log('arguments success');
                    }, error: function(){
                        console.log('arguments error');console.log( arguments);

Neither success or error fires off.
seems its at line var o = new jsSHA(sortAssoc(t), "ASCII"); 6045

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After digging around the error seems to be here 
 "function" === typeof define && typeof define.amd ? 
    define(function () {
    return t    }) 
    : "undefined" !== typeof exports ?
    "undefined" !== typeof module && module.exports ? module.exports = exports = t 
    : exports = t 
    : this.jsSHA = t
I'm using requireJS and the define() returns t which I was unaware of 
answered Nov 6, 2014 by Kenny Arneaud (15 points)
selected Nov 19, 2014 by Kenny Arneaud
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